Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Countryside: Industrial Past - Suburban Future

The countryside around where I live resembles Sheep Shit City. Following months of cold when the animals disappeared indoors there is a population explosion, mainly of pregnant ewes standing aimlesly in the fields, waiting for nature to do its bit. For all their lack of activity, they certainly make up with their overactive bowel movements. The place is black.   

This is the nice part of country living. It must have been idyllic before the industrialists came in search of lead. Then the landscape became scarred with buildings. Mines, houses, bridges, slag heaps. Then the industry died and many buildings became ruins.

Now there are two new innovations. The threat of litigation has forced landowners and farmers to put up warning signs everywhere. There are flashes of red and yellow and blue against the country browns and greens.

But even worse, the countryside around us is being suburbanised. Net curtains, brown creosoted fences, laylandii, faux Georgian lamposts, houses being re-named with names such as Hollyhocks and Bali View. It is changing fast. The redistribution of wealth is also a redistribution of taste.

It is only a matter of time ....

Well - if you can't beat them ...join them.

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