Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn Is The Closest Britain Gets To Being Italian

Autumn is here early this year. It was early last year too, but is even earlier now. The winds are chilling and the colours are deepening, probably due to the great amount of rain we have had this summer. 'Wot summer?' 
a person waiting at the bus stop spat out with venom, when I stupidly mentioned the weather. There is a general air of depression around that summer has passed without any warmth and now it is the beginning of the long haul until next May or June, before it gets warm again.

But actually, we are heading to the traditionally most settled part of our unpredictable weather. October is always the best month. Longish and warm days. The light is Italianate and the smells of damp rotting wood and foliage are fresh and pleasant.

Already there is a striking beauty to the landscape, in between the torrential downpours. The wind has hastened and seems to be warning that it is time to stock up the log shed and check the coal cellar. Winter is very much on the way.

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