Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It's Showtime. Time To Swerve Around The Slumbering Bodies

It's showtime.

The great agricultural shows of the Wear Valley in County Durham are in full swing. They are great events. St. John's Chapel, Wolsingham, Stanhope happen in quick succession in the first three weeks of September.

They are accompanied by a travelling funfair which camps in the centre of town for a few days.

The only downside is having to drive through these towns at night, after the show. It is damned dangerous, as often there is a drunken soul weaving his way back home after a heavy day's drinking. You see them at the last minute and swerve at any glint.

Often the glint is a pair of weasel's eyes or a hedgehog spine lurking in the bushes, but you can never be too careful. Last night I only saw one weaving person. There were two, however passed out on the road, using the grassy verge as a pillow. They had a curious grin of satisfaction in their slumber.

Happiness is ......

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