Friday, 13 January 2012

The Romas Of Usti Nad Labem

Usti nad Labem sounds a romantic place.

Well the station is clean, the buses are new and there is an attractive castle on the hill, which overlooks the wide River Labem or Elbe. It should be a beautiful town due to its location.

As I contemplated in the darkness,whether it was or not, an enormous Policeman breezed past  and grabbed a dusky looking man standing further up the platform. Perhaps he was a member of the Roma community who were in Usti in relatively high numbers.

Oh well, I'm only changing trains here and the Teplice train is due in 10 minutes.

Until that is, the sign changes and announces it is running 20 minutes late.

And 20 minutes soon becomes 50.

Just as it flashes up to 50, the burly Policeman returns and is aiming purposefully at a group of suspect looking youths. It is time to give up on the train and get out of here.

Taxi! Taxi!

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