Thursday, 26 July 2012

Knackered Roads And Knackered Routers Are The Lasting Memories Of Summer 2012

Why has it been so quiet lately? Did I fall down a hole in the road?

Or did my router throw a wobbler, combined with my resulting ineptitude over anything remotely technical mean that my internet was down for several days?

It could have been one, the other or both.

The roads are in a bad state following the rain. Potholes are everywhere and cracks have appeared. I did go head over ass down a grassy bank while walking along a country back road. Yes the cracks did not help but  they were not the cause. The blame has to be on me, as I wasn't looking where I was going.

'Stupid bloody idiot' I thought I detected in my dogs looks, as they stared impassively down the bank at my green behind. And like the boss of G4S, I had to think 'I cannot disagree with you'.

As for the router. It just stopped. As if it had been struck by lightening. It seemed to go into one long sulk. My limited attempts to repair it, such as giving it a good kick, were fruitless. I don't know about these things. It has an On/Off switch and some flashing green lights. Beyond that I am stumped.

Wireless, it calls itself. But look at all the wires. I seem to have more wires lurking around the skirting board since investing in the darned thing. It is temperamental too. Never does it the easy way.

So that's why the ABD has been silent. But as you can see it is working again. Thanks to the nice Scottish lady at Virgin, who led me by the hand over the phone for what seemed like a very long time as she had to repeat her instructions three times. She was the master of patience.

Computer problems are the bain of all our lives. How frighteningly reliant we have all become on the internet. It rules our lives.

Maybe it is time to reintroduce the humble carrier pigeon.

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  1. Carrier pigeons have their problems too......