Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Belly Muscles Tighten With Laughter

74 days to go to The Accidental Bus Driver book launch.

I'm starting to get insecure as to whether it is funny enough. Particularly at this time of year when the Christmas tv schedules are announced and I find that there is nothing remotely amusing on the gogglebox. They are all too clever, so-called sophisticated, trendy or self-indulgent.

I judge comedy by how much my stomach muscles hurt and how wet my eyes when the credits roll. For the last few years I have found my lower regions turning to flab and having to reach for an onion as a last resort to induce tears and a belly laugh. It must be my age and venturing into 'Grumpy Old Men' territory.

The last time I experienced mass belly laughter was on an SAS flight to Kuala Lumpur, when just before breakfast was served, the crew put Mr Bean on the video screens. The plane literally shook as the mainly Danish passengers roared with laughter. It was impossible to eat the powdered scramble eggs.

The Scandinavians retain the tradition of showing Freddie Frinton's Dinner For One over the holiday period Do a survey in the streets of Britain and people will likely reply 'Freddie who?' It is a simple tale with a magical piece of acting, playing the part of a drunk butler (all the more impressive as Frinton was a teetotaller). It is simple, charming and timeless......

......just like the passengers I have driven around on buses over the years, so I don't think I have any need to worry about the humour element to the book. And to have it confirmed, the test group I loosed the book on have all come back reporting that their tummy muscles had firmed.

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