Monday, 31 May 2010

Bus Company Owner's Daily Troubles

The immortal Scots comedian Rikki Fulton once wrote in his autobiography 'Is It That Time Already':
"Catch Twenty-Two...highlighted the daily difficulties ordinary people had to bear on certain bus routes." For the bus company proprietor, catch twenty-two seems to be a daily occurrence. The quandries that they face are usually out of their control.

This was not so with a local owner who ran into difficulties last week. Obviously deciding to get away from bus duties, he climbed a ladder equipped with a chainsaw with the aim of lopping a branch off a tree. Unfortunately he overbalanced and came crashing down, breaking his leg in the process.

To rub salt into the wound, a driver who was passing on a school run, saw him lying on the grass next to the road and assumed he had fallen asleep in the sunshine. He drove past.

I don't think he will be getting a Christmas bonus this year.

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