Saturday, 15 May 2010

Scottish School History - The History Of Scottish Sweeties

I've never seen children eat like it, I thought as a jumbo bag of Maltesers exploded whilst being opened somewhere down the back of the bus. There was a sound like the balls being released into the lottery machine as they tumbled the full length of the bus and mostly came to rest by the gearstick.

"Mehr," shouted the children with delight. "There's mehr." Mehr I was to learn was Glaswegian for more and not the name of a German philosopher. The Maltesers kept coming. Well the ones which weren't crunched underfoot did.

When we arrived at our destination, the bus was a tribute to the history of Scottish sweets. There was practically pan drop, mint imperial, wine gum, jelly bean, Irn Bru chew, it was truly awesome.

The answer to why they were so ravenous for sweets and corn chips came later when I spoke to one of the dinner ladies at the school. I was complementing her on the great looking menu which was displayed on a board in the school entrance hall.

"That looks fantastic." I said. "You must have really good food here."

"Well hen," she replied. "Aye. But the problem is when you try to taste it. It's disgusting." No wonder they headed for the nearest sweetie shop.

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