Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Les Vacances De Monsieur Bus Driver - 4. French Wildlife

My bottom has just become even more sore. No it is not the bicycle rides. Nor being cramped in the front passenger seat of an old Renault 4. Nor the hard wooden kitchen chairs.

It is due to my daughter who was trying to swat a frelon and a guepe with a new high voltage fly swatter. She missed and caught me on the backside, sending a shock through my buttocks which made me jump so high that I hit my head on the beam.

The variety of insects is amazing. Flying ants and beetles. Huge frelon, something akin to a hornet, and a multitude of dragonflies, poisonous caterpillars and ants. There are lizards. They have caught seven vipers in the garden in the last month. The sound of woodpeckers is frequent and there are plenty of deer, wild boar, partridges and pheasants.

So why do you think a visit to the zoo is necessary?

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