Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Les Vacances De Monsieur Bus Driver - 5. The Fatty Stakes At The Zoo

It was a majority decision from our two families who visited the zoo, that the animals looked much more attractive than the people who were looking at them. When you pushed past the fatties and the traffic jam of pushchairs, the sights were amazing.

You could put your face up against the glass and kiss an orang-utan. The white tigers were a hairs breath away. As were the black panthers, the leopards, giraffes, elephants and all the other animals. There were tropical areas where birds flew free. The spectacle of free flying vultures, eagles and condors followed by an acrobatic display by seals was sublime.

But trust our party. Our sewer type minds began to see that many of the attractions revolved around poo-poo. The gorillas ate it, the chimpanzees threw it and the general public queued for hours around the public lavatories.

ZooParc de Beauval is one of the best places I have ever been to. Here is a note from a bus driver to English schools - this is a place you should visit. It is ten times better than any theme park. The philosophy and hard work of the founders has created something truly amazing.

The best thing was that the English press are always telling us that we are too obese and unfit. Looking around at the French general public, perhaps they should investigate them too, as they are not too far behind the British in the Fatty Stakes.

Vive le hamburger a cheval Americain!

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