Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Betting Bus Drivers Are Not As Successful As Heating Engineers

"Someone locally won hundreds of thousands on an internet card game," said one of the drivers. It was snowing outside and good to be back in the depot which resembled the Stalinist Tractor Factory.

"Ah but what he won't have told you about, is his losses," said the other driver wisely. "He will have lost thousands to win that."

Betting and horse or any other sort of racing seems a popular topic amongst many drivers. This is for two reasons. One, while waiting for your punters to return, it is highly likely that there will be a betting shop within five minutes walk. Though many may not bet, it is a lot warmer and more comfortable than waiting in a bus. Two there will be many drivers who will bet, looking for a way to increase their menial wages.

All the gambling banter was started because of yesterday's amazing £1.4 million Tote Jackpot win at Exeter by heating engineer, Steve Whiteley. He had only laid out two pounds and confounded the odds.

"I'm over the moon to be honest," he understated. "It was quite exciting." He spoke as if it was another of life's little incidences. So refreshing to hear.

Back to the buses and there were no thoughts of winning a bet and going off to the tropics on the proceeds. It had snowed again. The tops were skiddy where the wheel marks had frozen over the hailstones.

The winning bet will come up soon. Maybe next week.

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