Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rolls Royce - Britain's Finest

Vintage cars are an acquired taste. You either love them or you don't. I have never been interested in them .... except for once. That was back in 1977, when the largest parade of Rolls Royces assembled on Ascot Racecourse in a celebratory event for the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

They started at Windsor Castle, drove up the Long Walk and snaked their way through Windsor Great Park. It was a magical sight.

Why did I like it? Simply because it was like a history lesson in some of the finest engineering. And I suppose it was still a British invention and British made, making enthusiasts have a warm inner glow of pride.

Or as Boris Johnson said:

'We perfected the finest cars on earth - and now Rolls Royce is in the hands of the Germans. Whatever we invent, from the jet engine to the internet, we find that someone else carts it off and makes a killing from it elsewhere.

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