Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Bedford Has Arisen Like A Phoenix

When I was a child, there was an old Bedford bus stored in the barn near my house. It was a 1949 bus and very stylish, but it never seemed to go anywhere much. The owner would occasionally wheel it out onto the tarmac and give it a wash.

'I'm restoring it,' he would say.

Year after year the same thing would happen and each time I asked how the restoration was going, he would say:

'Coming along nicely'.

I never saw the finished product .... until yesterday, when I was by chance looking at the Bedford OB website, and there she was, fully restored and back in her cream and green glory -

Things take time. There is a house nearby owned by a Mr Bloggs. He has been renovating it for the last twenty years and still hasn't yet managed to get the roof tiles on yet. It was even under discussion at the local pub quiz, when the quizmaster asked:

'What is the slowest growing thing in the world?'

and a voice came from the back giving the answer:

'Mr Bloggs' house.'


  1. Not just the Bedford that has risen.

    So, apparently, has the author of last Friday's heart-rending (sic) posting about the NHS and the surgeon's knife.

    I can't tell you how pleased I am to discover that you are still alive...

  2. Thank you so much. Unfortunately for all my kind readers, I have never felt better. I feel like a newly restored, old Bedford!