Thursday, 29 April 2010

Geordies Are Now Southerners

I smiled as I heard the news on the radio. Rollowing the success of the statue, The Angel Of The North in Gateshead, the Scots are going to replicate this success. It is already being called the Angel Of The far North, meaning that the current Angel is now the most Southerly Angel.

When I accidentally on purpose mentioned this to a couple of Geordies but they did not take kindly.

"Are you telling me that ahm a f$$$ing Southern pansy? Youse can tak yer f$$$ing Scottish Angel and f£££ing shove it........"

Well done Andy Scott, the Glasgow artist who has already built the Heavy Horse sculpture on the M8. It will be brilliant. As a bus driver I'm looking forward to driving past. It will certainly take all our minds away from the unlovely architecture of Cumbernauld.

Remember the people of Gateshead were spitting with rage when it was announced a statue would be put up. Look at them now!

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