Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Miss Piggy's Long Lost Brother

I had the misfortune to meet Miss Piggy's long lost brother, the other day. His nose was the same. His eyes were similar. Even his voice had a high pitched whine to it.

What was different was that some of Miss Piggy's relatives must have at some time in the past twenty years crossed the Atlantic, maybe for a film premiere or an interview slot with Michael Parkinson. Unfortunately this Piggy must have decided to stay and become a teacher.

"If there's anyone who's going to vomit," he screamed at the schoolchildren, "then you will sit at the front."

Great, I thought, having green faced children sitting directly behind me about to be sick down my neck at any minute. But they sat rigidly still and silent. i forgave Mr Piggy for his cruel rant.

He obviously knew what he was doing.

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