Thursday, 29 April 2010

Poland A Busman's Holiday For A Bus Driver

How refreshing. The wide streets. Smart bendy buses. Silent trolley buses. The consoling sound of trams. It is an idyllic city scene.

Then the peace is interrupted by a BMW with a German number plate who dashes in front, jams on its brakes and causes the driver of the taxi I am in to mount the curb.

The taxi driver produces many Polish curses , shakes his fist then remembers he has an English passenger in the back. He turns and says: "Bloody BMW drivers. You know what BMW stands for? Bavarian Middle-class Wagons.

It is not just England where there is road rage. There still seems to be no love lost between the Poles and the Germans.

"We have a saying in Poland," continued the taxi driver. "Who would we fight first? The Germans or the Russkis (Russians)? We say the Germans, of course. Business before pleasure."

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