Thursday, 29 April 2010

Seaside Public Art And A dip In The Ocean

It is not often that you bump into Les Dawson and Eric Morcambe on the same day. Both were fine rotund statues on the seafront. Morcambe in Morcambe and Dawson in Lytham St Annes. Both depicting their well known poses as seen on television in the 1970's. Both a reminder of the more relaxed times of the past.

It is a treat for a coach driver to have to go to a seaside town for an early pick up. Recause the traffic is so unpredictable on the motorways, you have to leave at sparrows fart. Quite often you arrive at the particular place with plenty of time to spare. I love it. It is a time to relax, and walk on the beach and dip my toes into the sea. For some reason, a cup of coffee tastes totally different after filling your lungs with sea air.

The seaside towns still hold childhood memories. For sure they are busier and there are more commuters living in them and less holidaymakers, but they still have an air of grandeur and friendliness. The air is warmer. The flowers grow better. Everything seems to have more colour.

Then again I was there on a glorious spring morning. I would probably not be so ebullient on a dour grey day. I must get rid of my rose tinted spectacles.

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