Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bus Driver Too Hot For The Thais

When I spot a Thai lady chopping up fresh chicken, asparagus, herbs and chillis, and throwing them into a pan, I take notice. When I spot three other Thais sitting, waiting for their food, then it is an open invitation to stop and sit down. You know it will be proper Thai food.

And it was. Fresh, simple and just delicious. She even chops up some extra chillis and puts them into a bowl with some fish sauce, if it is not hot enough.

The three diners are all local ladies. Two are married to Englishmen.

'The other lady,' they say 'is looking for a husband. But she no like you. You eat too much chilli. Chilli costs a lot of money in England. So you are too expensive. No good.'

So if you are walking through the indoor market in Carlisle, stop at the Thai lady's stall. It's the best Thai food I've had outside Thailand. You won't do better for £4-50. That's the price of a soggy burger.

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