Thursday, 12 May 2011

When Early Is Late And Late Is Early

Times have become hectic on the morning school run. Now that an extra school run has been introduced, it is utter chaos as four buses now pass through in twenty minutes, heading for different schools.

Not helping the situation, is the fact that all the students wear clothing which are different variations on black, white and navy blue. The drivers are confused. There are children getting on and off the wrong buses. Some think they are early. Some think they have missed their bus.

It is fun.

A car has just shrieked to a halt in front of my bus, restricting any form of movement. Out get two schoolchildren, who I recognise, but normally pick them up at the first stop.

'We thought we'd missed the bus,' said the out-of-breath girl. 'First we followed the bus we thought we had missed but it was the earlier bus. Then we followed the other bus which we thought was early and it turned out to be the late bus. Then we saw you but we couldn't figure out if you were early or late.'

Get it? Gotit? Good.

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