Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Queuing - Is It Britain's Favourite Sport?

I've been hearing news about the Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Some said it was brilliant. Some said it was dreadful. Take your pick.

'It took four hours on the bus,' said one of my passengers. 'It was expensive - cost £10. When we got there, it was wet and cold. A burger cost £8. Lady Gaga wasn't on for long. We queued everywhere we went and there were not enough buses to get us home so we didn't get home to 3am. But it was fantastic. Wouldn't have missed it for the world.'

The newspaper seller was shocked about how little clothing the concert goers were wearing. 'I told them to go to the Oxfam shop and get something else, or they would catch the death of cold. They didn't listen to me. They must have froze.'

Is this a peculiarly British habit of making yourself so uncomfortable, then moaning about everything and anything? Only this time there was no moaning. People had enjoyed the discomfort.

C'est bizarre.

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  1. I am posting a link to the Tyne Valley Line Rail Users Group facebook page. We need to garner feedback as to how it went.