Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Dog's Life Is Not A Cheap One

Don't you think dogs tell you what's going on in the world, in the simplest ways. If only us humans would sometimes behave in the same way. Life would be a lot more open and easier.

Now I am not advocating that we should follow all canine habits. Sniffing each other's private parts, crapping behind the curtains and howling when left alone might raise some eyebrows.

But there is a lot to learn from watching the behaviour in the dog world.

This is Cedric. He looks fed up. He might well - he has just returned from the vet minus his balls. The vets are very nice - so they should. They seem to be the local 'Beverley Hills' vet, charging Beverley Hills prices and offering a Beverley Hills service. I haven't been to a vet's surgery for several years. My, how things have changed.

Now you have to sign consent forms, release forms and other forms. the marketing of expensive specially formulated medicines, foods and vitamins is extremely strong and there is a strong feeling that the sales reps have just left the building.

Having said that, the staff are pleasant, the service is excellent and the vets are thoroughly professional. So who's complaining. Me - just a little about the size of the hole in my wallet.

But that's life.

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