Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An English Or A Scottish Show? Spot The Difference

Can you spot the difference between a show in England and Scotland? Yes and no.

There was a Hook A Duck stall at both. There were fairground rides at both. There were Bouncy Castles at both. There were many other similarities.

The paying public, however were different. They had different attitudes and agendas. The way they behaved was radically different and as a result the atmosphere in Scotland was lighter and happier.

There were more smiling faces and laughter. Now this may have been enhanced a wee dram or two. But it was an altogether different experience.

The dress, too was noticeably different. hoodies and jeans against tweeds and tartans. A broad and sweeping statement but one was more colourful than the other.

The differences were apparent when we travelled back to England and reached the border at Carter Bar. On the way to Scotland there were blue and white flags flying and welcoming signs. On the other side of the road towards England there were no flags. One empty flagpole, the second snapped in two and some dreary signs. It was as if there is a lack of pride and a fear of announcing you are English. No reason really to be like that. It is an equally great country.

So I suggest you get yourselves to a Highland Games .... fast. I have been back a day and the words: 'Haste Ye Back' which are visible all over Scotland are ringing in my ears. It won't be long.

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