Thursday, 4 August 2011

It Takes A Child's Antics To Re-ignite The Humourous Soul

'Children make you want to start life over,' Muhammad Ali is reputed to have once said.

Well that is debatable.

A seven hour car journey can be a trial for even the most patient. For an eleven-year-old it should have been purgatory. But no, it was the opposite. She sneakily took my camera and started taking artistic shots of whatever she found.

It was only several days later that I found these shots on the memory card. They made me smile. I admired the simplicity and inventiveness of how to amuse yourself  in dull circumstances.

What I liked best was the fact that it made me laugh for the first time in six weeks, owing to the heavy events which had swamped my life in recent times. Laughter - the finest medicine in the world.

Grief is a strange thing. It leaves you poleaxes. Paralysed and wallowing in the slough of self-pity.This goes on for quite some time and life tends to drag. I did some unusual things I've not done before. I started watching Coronation Street, I stayed up late watching the late night poker games or roulette tables. I developed a craving for hummus and drank copious quantities of rose.

Then my daughter snapped me out of my lethargy. So here I am back again. In a different and temporary form. There is no bus driving. possibly not until September, due to the somewhat overwhelming duties we have to perform. But that doesn't stop me writing about the things which happen around me. So I will continue to post some gleanings. Bus-less missives, but nonetheless with the same sense of the bizarre things I see in life.

Expect the best, prepare for the worst. Either way it's good to be back.


  1. I am glad you are back blogging and although burning buses is a bit of a dire subject, this was a nicer one by a long chalk. Hope to see you before long.