Friday, 18 February 2011

Return To Bradford And The Naughty Night Nurses Fall Foul Of Scottish Law

I felt guilty when the busload of children looked at the floor in shame.

"I hear that on the journey up,^ said the teacher firmly, ^someone ripped a plastic bit off one of the seats. We do not want a repeat performance on the way back. What do we say?"

"Sorry Mr Driver," the bus trumped in unison. I felt fleetingly guilty because, because the Donkey is ageing fast and bits fall off her regularly. So it may not have been a child. The guilt soon disappeared when they said sorry. It had the air of a rehearsed performance which they had used on numerous occasions in the past.

No that is unfair. They were well behaved and the teachers had a good rapport with them and rarely raised their voices. That was not the case with the driver I was talking to while waiting in the coach park for our respective schools to turn up. He had just returned from Scotland on the 'trip from hell'. On the trip there had been student doctors and nurses.

"They were disgusting. Lying on the floor, holding a tube and a funnel whilst one of them poured a bottle of vodka down their gullets. I said to them they were doctors and nurses, people in positions where people look up to them. So what they said and two of them got off the bus and stood on the pavement drinking cans of cider."

The driver went on. "I told them I wouldn't do that if I were you. So who's going to stop us they said. At that moment a Policeman was passing in a car. He screeched to a halt, did a U-turn, jumped out the car and arrested them, carting them off to the cells for the night. I did warn them - the law's different in Scotland. When they say 'No Alcohol On The Street' they mean it."

They continued misbehaving all night and the bus started swaying down the motorway on the way home. The house music had been cranked up to the maximum and they were dancing on the seats.

"Right that's it, I yelled at them," he continued. "When a handbag and a stilletto came flying down the bus and nearly took out my ear 'ole, I told them to get off the bus.

But we paid for it - you can't do that. they said.

I can and I will"

And he did,

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