Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Two Smacks In The Mooth And When's An All Day Breakfast Not An All Day Breakfast?

"He's improved," said one driver about another while waiting to do the school run. "He used to be cocky, but it looks as if someone's goven him two smacks in the mooth, as he's a lot better. It's good to be back to some straight Northern talk again.

I had the big bus. It was not ideal for carting the schoolchildren around the narrow lanes. They didn't mind as there was a DVD player on board. Mall Cop kept them quiet, apart from the odd giggles, for the whole journey.

On the afternoon journey, I mistakenly changed over DVD's and put on Tom & Jerry. There were boos from the back of the bus. One child got off and said:

"Can you put Mall Cop back on and take off this rubbish?" Damned cheek.

Back at the depot, the boss was fielding a call from a frustrated driver in Ireland who stopped at a transport cafe. On the large advertising board outside it clearly stated:


Sausage, fried egg, Irish bacon, potato cake, black pudding, white pudding and much, much more.

He went in and ordered the appetising sounding breakfast.

"Sorry. No," said the man behind the counter. "We don't serve that at this time of day."

"But it says 'All Day'," he said becoming a little exasperated.

"Ah yes. But not at this time."

It would only happen to him.

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  1. Only in Ireland when an All Day Breakfast isn't All Day