Sunday, 13 February 2011

You're Crackers, Man

I'm excited beyond belief. I've been acknowledged.

I went to some party, the other day, and someone said to me:

"I've heard about you. I was told that there was someone eccentric living in the neighbourhood."

Now, you can take this two ways. Either I could have viewed it as a gross insult and something to get upset about. But, thinking about it, that would have been disingenuous. What he said was true. For a start, at the risk of incurring the wrath of my fellow drivers, being a bus driver could be considered eccentric. Being an accidental bus driver is yet more evidence. Baring all and writing about it in the public arena confirms it.

But I am happy. It means I am not one of the masses. In some way I stand out. Maybe, even maybe, I or my antics might be remembered. To that end I have prepared my epitaph, as said to me on many occasions by other bus drivers in the North East:

'You're crackers, man."

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