Sunday, 5 June 2011

6.55am - The Few Minutes For Reflection And Tranquility

This is the view I face every morning on the way to work. How lucky am I? Birds singing. This morning there is a cuckoo somewhere nearby. Sometimes there is a red squirrel. Sometimes some woodpeckers, goldfinches or pheasants.

It changes all the time. The tulips are still out. The bluebells too. The azaleas and the rhododendrons have survived a bashing by the wind.

It is 6.55am. The service bus has just gone along the road. I do not need to look at my watch. The service bus is regular as clockwork and always passes at the same time. It's tired old engine struggles up the hill. Soon it is gone and only the sounds of the birds can be heard again.

The peace is about to be terminated again as the diesel engine of the Ford tries to splutter into life. These first few moments are precious moments. A time for thought. A time for reflection. No passengers anywhere to be seen - just you and nature.

But I have to go. I can't sit around thinking all day. The passengers will be waiting. they don't like to be kept waiting. They won't understand what George Harrison once reputedly said:

'When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.'

The passenger did not care about deep quotations from the ex-Beetle. One ranted:

'What yer doin', man? I'm late for work. Get a move on.'

Back to the old routine.

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