Sunday, 19 June 2011

Turbo Ted And Albert Scuttlebucket Meet On The Back Of A London Double Decker Bus

It is strange how things pan out in life.

Only in the last post, you will remember, I was extolling the best of British design in the form of buses and especially how the bus used in the Italian Job looked so much nicer than the clinical modern day buses,

Well blow me down, as I drove over the hill to Durham, there was this row of vintage buses parked in a line in the Park & Ride. There were many people milling around, eyes bulging with delight and people wistfully shaking their heads and muttering, 'I remember when...'.

Who should be on the end but the boss. He had brought the old Bedford down to the rally. He had brought one of the retired drivers down too. He had driven for the company until well into his eighties and had brought down a photo album to show people about his life on the buses. Though many of the photos seemed to be of a kissogram girl at a past birthday party.

Turbo Ted was there too. He was another occasional driver for the company who had a passion for restoring old London double decker buses. As we sat on the back seat of the Routemaster, talking, an enthusiast came on and started firing questions. They became ever more personal.

'What do they call you?' he finally said.

'Lord Tom,' I said.

'Turbo Ted,' said Turbo Ted.

'Albert  ... Albert Scuttlebucket,' said the boss.

The man looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, not knowing twhat the truth was, before ,making a speedy retreat.

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