Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Are Seagulls The Avian Equivalent Of Bus Drivers?

A long, long time ago, I was given a piece of pottery from the USA, from Delano Studios, Setauket, Long Island, New York. They produced ceramic items, right up my street, sense of humour-wise.

So after a year of having to suffer this blog, I am finally trying to add the odd picture here or there. Here is my first attempt. It could all go horribly wrong and you will be stuck with my rotten prose.

This Delano Studios dish made in 1962 is my avian doppelganger. The Grumpy Bus Driver and the Grumpy Seagull - so what's the difference?

Know the bird, know the man.


  1. Good grief - it worked. I am writing myself a compliment that it only took me an amazingly short twelve months to figure out how to add a photo to the blog. I'm beside myself. As I'm not driving tomorrow, I'm going to have a glass of good old scottish barley juice.

  2. I like your picture - well done!

    At least bus drivers haven't started dumping nasty substances on your head as they fly over! [well, not yet anyway]. Nor do they ferociously attack you for your fish and chips [although you might have been tempted after a long, tiring shift!!].