Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tug Of The Heart Strings When The Children Fly Their Nests

It was a big morning.

It was the famous school trip - off to the north of the county, with the Year 4's for a two night stay in a castle.

The excitement was immense. the children were calm, the parents were less so. They were chewing their fingernails.

It was a momentous occasion. the children were nearing the end of their first school education. This was probably the first time many children had been away on their own in their lives. No wonder there is nervousness amongst the excitement.

The bus arrived. The children and luggage were loaded up. The whole school were leaning over the railings to wave the children off. They drove past to a crescendo of noise and waving. The parents turned away and got back into their cars. It was a symbolic moment. It was as if their children had grown up and flown the nest.

It will be nothing of the sort. They will be back in two days.

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