Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fluffy Bunny Syndrome

"I only bought some scone cutters. They came in a pack of four, so I will be up all night making scones," said the lady as she was discussing the merits of Fleetwood Market.

It is a huge market, but the WI's verdict was that it was quantity over quality. The younger members of the party managed to find some flashing, furry, pink and purple bunnies' ears which they were going to wear on a charity run.

They tried them out at the Services on the way back. They had a remarkable effect. Every truck driver slammed on their brakes and gave way to these ladies. The truckers seemed to be mesmerised by this apparition of elderly bunny girls. Not what they expected to see. Especially at a Service Station on the M6.

I'm thinking of getting a pair myself.

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