Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Yellow Peril Has Arrived

Why oh why do we try and copy everything American?

But hold on. Don't be too dispirited. There is always a British twist.

I was sitting in the local rural school car park in daydreaming mode, when the peace was shattered by the arrival of this hissing and burping yellow thing. It was a glistening yellow vehicle. The only thing which let it down was the number plate, which earmarked the bus at over 15 years old.

On the destination board, it read: "SCHOOL PARTY". As this particular school bus route had a history of troublesome children, you would have thought the last thing the driver needed was a party on the bus.

The Americans would wince at the British impersonation of their famous school buses. Not least if they knew that the driver in between driving buses was a dog walker, cleaned the local shop and community hall, looked after sheep amongst other things.

So there is a benefit. Inside the yellow peril is a luggage rack which is large enough to put a bale of hay into. This will save time, if like something that happened in the past when the driver was seen unloading hay out of the boot half way through a school run.

Rule Britannia

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