Saturday, 12 June 2010

Patriotic English Flags - Or Chinese Plastic Tat

Maybe it is because I get a grandstand view from the bus driver's seat, but there seems to be more and more cheap plastic St George's Crosses lying in the ditches by the roadside.

The quality is so poor that they do not hold up to the speed trials they must endure on top of the average Northern England fan. The fabric flags are frayed around the edges and the red has weathered quickly and softened to an orangey pink. More common is the sight of two white sticks on top of the car roof minus the flags which have fallen off into the ditch.

Even if England do win the World Cup, there is going to be a mass discount sale in July as every shop you go into seems to stock this football tat.

The English flag has been hijacked by football. You rarely see it flying except on top of the odd butty van in Northumberland. The owners wisely hedge their bets and fly the Scottish Saltire alongside.

Apart from the clean-up bill for getting rid of these flags, there must be some benefit to the economy. Well, naturally, but not our economy.

China 1 England 0, I'd say.

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