Sunday, 27 June 2010

Telephone Boxes Feel The Heat

You could hear a pin drop on the school bus. Perhaps this was due to the internal temperature of hitting 34 degrees celsius on the digital display (even with the fans on full pelt) and many had nodded off.

It had been a warm day but not hot. The North rarely got truly hot as there was always an icy breeze accompanying the sunshine. Many Northerners do not seem to like the heat and once it hits 70 the passengers mutter and moan more than usual.

Perhaps the sunny weather helped explain a phenomenon I observed on the route to Carlisle. Every phone box I passed was lacking a door. I cannot believe there is a demand for second hand telephone box doors, so it has to be a cheap form of air conditioning.

It was a refreshing change to the more normal shattered glass lying on the pavement after some youth has lobbed a brick through the window.

There is hope for the world.

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