Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Perk Up The Peacock

I've just had the shock of my life.

Coming so soon after the crunching of the mirror, as a driver for several days at least, you tend to drive more cautiously. On a road in MAMOFA (Miles And Miles Of FA, as my brother describes most rural areas) a flash of elongated green, black and blue plumes shot in front of the bus and tried to run across the road.

I braked but caught the peacock in the nether regions, causing it to fan out all its feathers and leap four feet into the air. It was not a pretty sight. Aerodynamically unsound I think. The possible equivalent manoeuvre for an aeroplane would be similar to pulling the handbrake on at the same time as opening up the throttles.

But happily the bird seemed fine as it flew over the stone wall. I never knew peacocks could fly. It makes one think what dodos would have done if they had not become extinct before the invention of buses.

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