Sunday, 23 January 2011

ASBO For Me Is Fully Deserved

It had to happen. It has been coming. My constant observations and general chatter have come under scrutiny from the boss. On Friday afternoon, he presented me with a piece of paper. A wage increase? A wage slip? A P45? ASBO. (some thought a humourous ASBO) It began:


Anti-Social Behaviour Order

has been issued against you for


......Restrictions.....You must STOP talking tripe when in polite company. ..........

....and on it went.

'Talking crap' is a wide subject. It is not limited to bus drivers. But I find it is an area in which I seem to excel. Trying to describe a fault on the bus or trying to come up with an excuse why I am late, have turned up at the wrong place, have broken or dented a bus, or just general conversation, always seem to end in a grimy mire of confusion and Double Dutch.

So I cannot complain. It is richly deserved. Having to comply with its rules for a period of six months will be impossible. Six minutes is hard enough.

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