Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Continental Trip And The Courier From Hell

"You can only stomach so many of those effing Christmas Markets," said one of the drivers who had just got back from a Festive Tour of the Continent. "They're all the same."

It had been an interesting trip as he had been paired with the courier from hell, who had made his life stressful by her meticulous planning and fear of not fitting in everything on the itinerary, down to the last detail.

Hence the scenic drive was not at all scenic, because of freezing fog and an inability to see anything out of the bus windows. The beautiful mountain village had disappeared, so it was impossible to judge quite how beautiful it was.

"I don't think the feedback form will be very complimentary," he went on. "The Courier was so pedantic that she would not walk 20 yards from the hotel entrance to the bus to tell me something. Instead she would text me - 'Aha' she told me, 'I have a bus driver who is awkward and refuses to work with me.'

"Don't worry dear, I said, I have a string of awkward couriers who refused to work alongside me."

It happens. Most couriers are fantastic and fun to work with. But there is always the exception. The final insult came when the French city which the courier insisted on going to, even though time was short and the weather was dubious, was closed by the Police due to falling icicles. Relations deteriorated even further.

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