Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oyster Cards And Ventriloquist's Dummy - The Life Of A London Bus Driver

I've just read a book.

The Road Ahead by Kenny Mackay - Observations of a London bus driver. It's a good read. For those interested in buses, it's an essential read. For those not, it is still good value as it contains some entertaining anecdotes. The amateur lawyer and Mr Jones the ventriloquist's dummy, the Swedish bus driver who couldn't find a lavatory and the buxom lady in the low cut dress who keeps her Oyster Card down her bra, are all amusing.

Kenny Mackay is more than just a bus driver on the route 27 between Turnham Green and Chalk Farm. He is also a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, a comedian, singer/songwriter, holds an LLB in Business Law, visits Destiny House church and is a trades union learning representative for Unite.

On my travels, I often hear moans from other bus drivers about the high wages London drivers earn in comparison to them. Kenny's writings show you why. The relentless stress and pressure, the security, the general frenetic style of life and cost of living in a capital city justifies a higher wage.

Kenny seems to take it all in his stride in a tranquil way. Informative too. I'm more the wiser.

You can buy Kenny's book on-line. It's good value at £6-40 (£8-99 from all good bookshops)

You can find it at the Author's House website

I wish you success, Kenny.

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