Monday, 10 January 2011

The Flying Pig And The Power Shower

You would think that the quick thaw that happened today was something to be grateful for. Particularly in view of all the moaning and groaning at the recent ice and snow.

Well hell yes it was great to be driving on proper roads again. The thaw, however brought out one of the Flying Pig's nasty quirks. It was after twenty minutes of trundling down the road at a leisurely pace that I received my first shower. Water cascaded out of the destination board locker and landed on top of my head. I was drenched. It happened again and again.

When I spoke to the boss later to find out what was going on, he asked me:

"So which way was the Flying Pig facing when you parked?"

"On the level," I replied.

"Oh that's no good. No good at all. You have to park it either facing uphill, or downhill and slightly leaning to the left."

It transpired that water accumulates in the roof and has no place to go except into the bus and often over the driver's head. By parking uphill, the water runs down the length of the bus and finds a way out through the boot. if you park downhill and leaning to the left, the water runs out the door.

But I had no idea and the snow on top of the bus must have melted and sprayed me. But who's complaining? Not I. Give me a bus with character to drive any day and not one of these increasingly computerised monsters you see more and more on our roads.

Long Live The Flying Pig!

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