Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Passengers Paradise: The Weekly Gripe

I've found a good on-line newspaper.

It's perfect for me, my fellow drivers and the passengers. It's called The Weekly Gripe and contains many things which I have heard people moaning about on the bus.

It's fascinating and quite a good indicator about the general mood of the people of Britain.

I'm thinking of printing out some copies and giving them to people. The Weekly Gripe is pretty comprehensive, but perhaps they should send a reporter onto my bus for some topics they have missed.

Bunions, doctor's waiting rooms, various internal body organs, the increase in the price of breakfast cereals, bus drivers who don't pull their weight and, naturally, passengers.

You will remember one of my colleagues motto:

A happy bus is an empty bus....

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  1. Interesting post. I'd love to take a ride on your bus.. sounds like you have your hands full!!

    Oh.. I'm site owner and editor (not much of a contributer these days... loads of other people gripe enough!)

    Best Regards

    Kenny (Weekly Gripe Site Admin)