Friday, 29 June 2012

Back To The Same Old Routine

The news was rife with the extraordinary thunderstorm which caused flash floods all over the North East
and saw the Tyne Bridge being struck by lightning.

The hidden part of the North East where I was yesterday had an early warning of what was about to hit the towns and cities further down the valley. It didn't last long, but came with such force and power. Within minutes there were flash floods.

Here is a little burn which turned into a white water rafting arena. We were lucky because at least in the countryside there are places for the water to go. The cities fared worse because when the drains areclogged and start backing up, well that's it. The water just gets higher and higher.

This is not the first storm this year, tough it was by far the most vicious. There have been more and more each year. Is this the shape of things to come? Will we be building future houses on moveable stilts similar to the Netherlands?

I hope not. The gentle motion will make me feel seasick.

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