Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tales Of A 1980's Man Down Under - Postcards To Send You To The Edge

Here are some postcards I collected in 1980, for their alternativeness.

A jolly picture indeed which of the City Hall clearly showing how the bottom half is modelled on The Pantheon in Rome and the top is meant to look like Campanile di San marco in Venice.

It was hard to know what to photograph in Mary Kathleen. The town square and an envelope celebrating nuclear power was about all I could get. But I was lucky. Mary Kathleen is no more. When they stopped mining uranium oxide, they ripiied up the township.

This is a truthful postcard as staying on this island for more than a couple of days will drive you whacko. But each unto their own, it is a bit too clinical and luxury hotel-like for me. A bunk in one of those trucks pictured below is probably as good as I will get.

There wouldn't be a dull minute.

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