Sunday, 24 June 2012

Scotland's Own Mannekin Pis

Is this Scotland's answer to the Mannekin Pis - the sculpture you find in Brussels of the boy peeing?

From a distance - most certainly. A multiple Mannekin Pis but in tasteful gold paint.

Then the closer you look, the cleaner it becomes.

It was donated by a Scotsman from Haddington who lived and worked in Argentina. He donated £100 and it used to be even grander with more decorative lamps and railings. But it is still lovely and a hidden gem.

So the next time you are travelling through East Lothian, stop off at the pretty town of East Linton. There is a shop selling Di Rollo Azzuro Ice Cream too. A perfect place to sit quietly, under the sound of trickling water and get fatter.

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