Monday, 18 June 2012

The Olympic Nightmare - It Could Have Been Worse

Keep the Olympic Spirit alive. That's what we keep being told.

With regard to the North East, there were large numbers of spectators who braved the wet, cold weather to cheer the torch on. The spirit lay in the people who were chosen to carry the flame who embodied every aspect of life and were an inspiration to all.

But that was it.

The rest was for the benefit of the sponsors. Frisbees and phallic shaped balloons with the sponsors names prominantly displayed, which the people were only too happy to wave at the carefully sited tv cameras. The torch itself looked remarkably similar to the heaters you find under bus seats which had been spraypainted gold.

Now you can buy one of your very own - on Ebay. There's one available for £8000. Others are attracting mass bidding.

But it could have been worse.

Look what I found at the back of my wardrobe.....

.... a jacket. Not an ordinary jacket but stamped with the logo...

To think the Olympics could have been even considered for Birmingham. Thank goodness Barcelona won. It would have been 'dead yampy' to have held the Games in the Black Country. But then again, those athletes  missed out on those delicious Brummie bacon cakes.

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  1. Long shot, but do you still have this jacket?! Cheers