Monday, 18 June 2012

Shakespeare And Augustus Gloop By The Chocolate River

Walking by the river these days is either grim or appetising. I tend to prefer the latter. The rains have changed the look and colour of the water. It now ressembles a Willy Wonka-esque chocolate river.

If you let your imagination run wild enough it is possible to think that a magical boat would be coming shortly through the arch.

'All I ask for is a tall ship and a star to sail her by,' as Wonka said.

Less ridiculous is trying to spot Augustus Gloop. Several candidates have walked by along the towpath , easily matching and possibly exceeding Gloop's ample frame.

But this is North East England, where humour abounds, whether by design or chance. The sign pinned to a tree had the ring of something serious where the author had not thought through their words and ambiguous meanings..........

Shakespeare might well be tittering in his grave.

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