Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tales Of A 1980's Man Down Under - Last Train To Pinkenba

At the time, travelling on trains through Brisbane was nothing special, They were slow, smelly old diesels. They were big, though. The sort you would see in America. They made a comfortingly loud noise and the carriages had big seats and plenty of room to stretch out.

Times were changing, the first tickets with magnetic strips were appearing, as in the Sydney ticket above.

Brisbane still had old cardboard tickets.

Now not only have the diesels gone, but some of the lines were closed in 1993. The Pinkenba Line went. The stops at Ascot and Doomben were only used for race trains. Now there is a slightly better service.

So I was lucky to see a great commuter rail service. I'll never complain about a smelly old diesel again.

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