Sunday, 17 June 2012

Road Of The Exploding Teddy Bear

There is something mildly perturbing driving along a road strewn with teddy bears. A road in County Durham was littered with them last week. You wonder why? Was it a joke? Was it a naughty child out of the back window with an oblivious parent who had the radio turned up at full volume? Or was it a piece of publicly funded street art?

Who knows?

Then a marvellous event happened. An aged GTi with lowered suspension, large stainless steel exhaust and four baseball capped youths overtook me at speed. As they were level they ran over the teddy bears, which exploded in a puff of material and polyester stuffing. It must have been an unnerving experience for the driver, as he started heavily braking and weaving wildly across the road, before slowing down as if shocked and stunned.

It would have been a good game for It's A Knockout or a future Olympic sport. It would beat synchronised swimming.

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