Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tales Of A 1980's Man Down Under - Cultural Conundrum

Was 1980 Australia a cultural conundrum?

In a word, yes. There was every sort of entertainment, from the good to the not so good.

Look at the above magazine. The cream of British acting talent came to Perth. Edward Woodward, long before his days as The Equaliser and Michelle Dotrice long after her days as the hapless Betty, Frank Spencer's wife in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. It was an avant garde cover from Live! who most probably had no idea that Woodward and Dotrice would marry seven years later.

Then there was Eddie Youngblood, Australia's original Elvis tribute artist.

If you preferred sport, SuperBrat (John Mcenroe) was at the Super Challenge.

That well known folk band The Cobbers were lurking around somewhere, usually between Slim Dusty singing 'A Pub With No Beer' and Ted Egan's 'We've Got Some Bloody Good Drinkers In The Northern Terrirory.'

Film in 1980 was iffy too. The Hollywood PR bandwagon was rolling out the Village People and Can't Stop The Music. I went to see it in a fleapit in Brisbane where the seating was rows of fixed canvas deckchairs. I wanted to leave as the film was so bad, but the canvas ripped and \i was trapped until the end.


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