Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day Trip To Whitby: Elevenses In The Lay-By

The solitary truck driver sitting in the cab of his truck in the lay-by near Sedgefield must have got the shock of his life as four buses pulled in and 200 men disembarked. It must have been an unusual sight for passing motorists too.

"You've parked too close to the verge, driver,"said the committee man who happened to be a retired bus driver. "You should have put the lager in the back." He was right. There was an disorderly rush for the beer and the resulting bottleneck of people with their tongues hanging out approaching the side lockers from all angles caused some irritation. The old hands didn't mind. To fill in the time, they pee'd wherever they stood, modesty forbidding.

"When I get to Whitby," said an octogenarian, "I'm not going to take me coat." He felt his pockets and smiled. "But I've got me black pudding, bread and cheese."

They were even merrier when we set off again.

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