Thursday, 15 July 2010

Granda An The Old Bedford

The boss was short of buses and drivers. He took his pride and joy the 1970's old Bedford on a school run.

"Urrggh. Not that smelly old bus again. It stinks," said one little girl. The boss was taken aback.

"It's a lovely bus," he replied. "You are very lucky."

"No we're not," said another.

"Look. Do you have a Granda (Cumbrian for Grandad)?"


"Does he smell a little bit."

"Well, yes he does," the little girl said rather uncertainly.

"There you are then," the boss went on. "When you get older you tend to smell a little bit more. So this bus is no different from your Granda."

"Well I suppose you're right." She went to the back of the bus and said no more.


  1. Think I've worked it all out. Is it Wright Bros RRM915M. Saw the coach at the Durham Rally back in June. Smart looking motor.